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  Jason Summers began extensive training in pure self defense systems in 1999. He has trained civilians, law enforcement, security personnel as well as military soldiers to supplement their Modern Army Combatives Program training.

   His interest in self defense began upon meeting Master Wayne "Papsan" Ford, 8th degree Goshi Shun master and founder Nagasa Ryu Jiu-Jitsu at a local gym. Papasan would meet up with Jason at the gym and share his 40 + years of wisdom and techniques. He also began to show Jason how different self defense was from traditional martial arts.  Additionally, Jason  was heavily influenced by his study of Jeet Kune Do concepts and methodology,  The seed was planted and watered by other instructors including Master Daryl Yelverton, 6th degree Goshi Shun System.
  Jason became very interested in Krav Maga when the program was offered at Gilliam's Martial Arts in Dunellen NJ. Master Mike Gilliam and Master Israel Nava were both instructors under Krav Maga America (Now Krav Maga World Wide), and shared with Jason, valuable, fundamentals of the KMWW system. To further enhance his training, Jason trained with two other KMWW instructors, Paula Rodriguez-Rust and Rich Capobianco. Jason's years of dedicated study of Reality Based Self Defense includes Instructor training under, Israeli Military's own, Moni Aizik, founder of Commando Krav Maga. He has done enhancement training with Elizabeth Greensman, one of the top female Krav Maga instructors in the US, and Silat / CKM Level 5 instructor, Ed Greene.  Additionally, class visits to the Israeli Krav Maga Association's US Headquarters helped Jason shape a clear understanding of various systems of Krav Maga and what each offers.

  Jason Summers does not instruct competitive, sport style, traditional martial arts. He and his instructors do not teach forms or katas. Jason views all styles of martial arts with respect and diligently studies them all to seek the best, practical,  techniques for self defense use. He has dedicated his time and efforts to pursue unique methods of teaching which yield results.  His program is fortunate to boast many success stories from dedicated students who had to rely on their training, first hand. Best of all, the methods do not rely on size, strength or athletic ability. 

   Jason is currently the head of the one of the longest active Krav Maga programs in NJ, Krav Maga At Dunellen. The program is for self defense and all instructors, exclusively, teach Reality Based Self Defense. In 2010, he launched the Krav Maga At Westfield program which is well received with many dedicated self defense practitioners.  The class is designed to get the students in great shape while learning principles and techniques for street survival and personal protection. He is also available for private and group training.


  We only stand by the merits of our own NJ instructors and do not endorse any false claims made by any other system.  Our system has many advisors representing various, deadly, systems of self defense. We instruct, conduct seminars, invite guest instructors to visit, lecture, perform demonstrations and look to be invited to visit others. Our respect is extended to all dedicated instructors and practitioners that train with an open mind, without, conflict or ridicule of others.  We have an open door policy for others to come share and enlighten.


    Call Jason Direct At: 732-684-0929