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Why Self Defense?

� 1 Violent Crime every 23.1 seconds
� 1 Murder every 32.6 minutes
� 1 Forcible Rape every 5.6 minutes
� 1 Robbery every 1.3 minutes
� 1 Assault every 36.9 seconds
� 1 Property Crime every 3.1 seconds
� 1 Burglary every 14.7 seconds
� 1 Larceny/theft every 4.5 seconds
� 1 Motor Vehicle Theft every 25.5 seconds

No matter what size, age or level of strength, this complete system is the ultimate personal protection system You Need!  We prepare You for those hidden dangers lurking in your everyday travels. We are NJ's self defense specialist. Get Your 100 % Free Week, TODAY!

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Krav Maga NJ

Why Reality Based Self Defense? Human predators have developed keen skills to catch their victims by surprise. Their specialty is violent, life threatening relentless attacks. To survive violent attacks you need real, no nonsense self defense!  You don't have years to train to learn how to survive a random attack!   You need something you can use TODAY! Come experience the SDNJ difference TODAY!!

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How Can You Benefit From Krav Maga?

Krav Maga is not a sports style of martial art, rather focusing on real life self-defense and hand
to hand combat situations. Along with this, it emphasizes stopping threats quickly and getting away safely. In order to safely deal with threats, brutal attacks to vulnerable parts of the body like the groin, eyes, neck, and fingers are taught. Further, the use of available objects, in essence turning them into weapons, is also encouraged. read more..


How Do You Get Fit To Fight?

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What is Krav Maga?



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